TRUE (Tambura Death Metal- Croatia) - 01.Oktober 2011, Dornbirn
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THE BIOGRAPHY Since 2003, True has been playing death metal mixed with the melody of Croatian national instrument called “tambura”. True has released two demo albums, the first one called “Plastic world” recorded in 2004 , second one called “Serum” in 2006, and now in 2008 True is preparing a new album called „Still life“ which will be out on 1th of february 2010. All of the albums have been recorded in their d.i.y. studio “kotecrude”. With more than hundred concerts and festivals behind them, True has played all over Europe and also had tree tours. A tour in Germany in 2007 ,Mexico tour in 2008 and Euro tour 2009. In spite of their ups and downs, they continue to do what they all love, make some more True noise!

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